MLK 2020 Program will be out in late November!


MLK Program 2019

We hope that you think this years MLK Program is as interesting as we do!

Garfield High School Program

Interlude Filthy Fems: Marching Band

Opening, Welcome, and Introduction: Coalition Chair Shaude’ Moore and GHS Senior Chandler Williams

Invocation: Pastor: Azon Sulton

Black National Anthem: Violinist/Cellist Akua Kariamu

Honorary Tribute: Rev. Harriett Walden & Patricia Valentine

Speaker: Nikitta Oliver

Speaker: Kelle Brown

MLK History: Eddie Rye Jr.

Speaker: Maru Mora

Recognizing Funders and Soliciting: Rev. Lemuel Charleston

Entertainment: NW Tap Connection

Entertainment: Jerrell Davis aka “Rell Be Free”

Speaker: Jesse Wineberry

Benediction: Pastor Willie C. Seals Jr.

Westlake Park Schedule

Speaker: Chukundi Salisbury

Speaker: Esther Lucero

Entertainment: Nikki Etienne aka “Momma Nikki”

Speaker: Rev. Bianca Davis-Lovelace

Presenter: ChrisTiana ObeySumner

Entertainment: Suraya Williams & Lio O' Cain

Speaker: Shaun Scott


Our Opening Act

Filthy Fems

The Filthy FemCorps was started from scratch in January, 2016 via the awesome skills and talents of the people in our organization. Together we have organically created the Filthy FemCorps. We are a hot bag full of fierce women who aren’t afraid to be weird, genuine, raw, sweaty, confident, honest, loving and real. We are a feminist organization, in that we are an organized activity in support of women’s interests. We are accepting of all women from all walks of life and invite them to participate in the joy and excitement we create through our performance. Through our own challenges, obstacles and need to express ourselves safely without judgment, we inspire each other to be artistically fearless, even when we doubt ourselves. We believe in you and we want you to believe in you, too.



Shaude' Moore


Shaude’ Moore is a Sr. Datacenter Security Manager at Amazon Web Services in Seattle, WA. Her primary job role is to manage and maintain site security operations within Seattle Datacenters ensuring consistent deployment of all required security policies and procedures and participate in re-occurring site audits and reviews. Shaude’ is engaged in Diversity hiring and leadership, Amazon Women in Engineering (AWE), Black Employees Network (BEN). She also volunteers her time as a Committee Chair for the Seattle MLK Jr, Organizing Coalition which is committed to contributing lifetime commitments through tribute and community activism that highlights social justice, racial equality and unity. Shaude’ is an alumni of Decatur High School, located in Federal Way, WA. She graduated from University of Phoenix (Western Washington Campus) in 2014 obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Services (BSHS) and a Masters of Business Administration in 2016 (MBA). Shaude’ is currently a Graduate Student at City University of Seattle enrolled in the Ed.d Program working to receive her Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership. Shaude’ has lived in the Pacific Northwest since the age of 7 and is the mother of one daughter named Saraiih. She has traveled to several countries working to stand-up AWS Security Datacenters and increase Operational Excellence. Shaude’ is passionate about leadership, Independence and the power of how testimonials and achievement can empower and inspire communities a well as young leaders!

Black National Anthem

Akua Kariamu


My group is comprised of me and my violin. I am an improviser. I perform American Jazz, Blues, Gospel, and European Classical. I also sing and perform hip-hop for children's parties. They love the combination of me playing violin, rapping, and singing at the same time. If you want a sample of my sound you can hear self-produced tracks and original songs on the comedy sketches are equally entertaining and potent with the current events of the day.


Pastor Azon With the Youth of the Year and his mother.

Pastor Azon With the Youth of the Year and his mother.

Pastor Azon Sulton

The pastor at Jesus Way Movement & Ministries a community of people who center their lives on Jesus and following him into loving, liberating and life-giving relationship with God, each other and creation.


Nikkita Oliver


 A Seattle-based creative, community organizer, abolitionist, educator, and attorney. Working at the intersections of arts, law, education, and community organizing she strives to create experiences which draw us closer to our humanity. Her work asks us to engage what we see happening now and to imagine what we hope to see in the future. She has opened for Cornel West and Chuck D of Public Enemy, featured on the Breakfast Club, performed on The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert, and featured on The Breakfast Club and KUOW's The Week in Review. Her writing has been published in the South Seattle Emerald, Crosscut, the Establishment, Last Real Indians, The Seattle Weekly, and The Stranger. She organizes with No New Youth Jail and the Seattle Peoples Party. Nikkita was the first political candidate of the Seattle Peoples Party running for Mayor of Seattle in 2017. The Nikkita Oliver for Mayor campaign narrowly missed the general election by approximately 1,100 votes; coming in third of 21 candidates. Follow @NikkitaOliver


Maru Mora


Mora-Villalpando has been advocating for immigrant rights for nearly two decades. She founded Latino Advocacy in 2010 to help organizations and grassroot groups led by people of color build a true base in the community led by immigrants themselves and ultimately racial justice.

Honorary Tribute

Harriett Walden

Harriett Walden

Patricia Valentine-Jones and Harriett Walden

Rev. Harriett Walden is the cofounder of Mothers for Police Accountability, an almost 30 year-old Seattle-based organization that advocates for the dignity and security of the whole community against injustices in law enforcement and the criminal justice system; educates young people on their legal rights and responsibilities in relationship with the police; and organizes partner organizations to hold police accountable.



Rev. Kelle J. Brown


A native of Columbus, Georgia. She received her Master of Divinity from Seattle University. She is currently the Lead Pastor of Plymouth Church United Church of Christ. Kelle is also a gifted writer, spiritual life coach and consultant who teaches and facilitates conversations concerning race and oppression, and LGBT alliance. She is completing her dissertation on Solidarity as Discipleship, an invitation to journey with those experiencing homelessness in transformed ways, through San Francisco Theological Seminary. Kelle uses singing, storytelling and art as tools of ministry, and published a children’s book Sun & Moon, which is dedicated to her daughter Indigo, the joy of her life. Kelle invites those she meets to follow the advice of Howard Thurman: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

MLK History

Eddie Rye Jr.


A lifelong advocate, Rye brings his zeal for justice with him every where he goes. As a resident of Seattle, Washington since the age of 10—he has played a critical role in improvements for communities all over the country--both as an employee and as a volunteer. Rye maintains strong relationships with legislators and executives at the federal, state, and local levels. He is not only a veteran strategist, he is also a champion for civil rights and a small business advocate. He has a keen understanding of the role local government plays in the development and implementation of federal policies and grant programs including criminal justice, anti-poverty programs, job creation, immigration reform, workforce development, transportation infrastructure and key environmental protections.


Northwest Tap Connection

Performance at the Neptune

Performance at the Neptune

Rhythm tap is the dance form at our heart.  At the same time, we regularly incorporate a variety of dance styles such as African, jazz, modern, ballet, swing, ballroom, and hip-hop into our curriculum and performances.  Northwest Tap Connection is dedicated to building the whole dancer through a love of dance, personal discipline, respect for the community, respect for fellow dancers, and knowledge of the history of the art form. We provide an environment where dancers can grow artistically and technically, and at the same time can develop leadership skills and social responsibility.


Jerrell Davis


A servant leader educator at WA-BLOC, Davis serves the community in which he lives whether that be through teaching or performing art (spoken word, poetry, music), coaching or playing basketball, or participating in activisim, advocating for justice and against the systems that create marginalized communities. He says his work, service, and rejuevenation are intertwined.


Westlake Program


Chukundi Salisbury


Founder and executive director of Service is a Lifestyle, a Seattle Based Non-Profit working for a better community through service. Currently the organization is working on African-American Parent and Family Engagement through its 100 Black Parents Initiative and Voter Education and Engagement through its Urban Vote Project (URBVOTE). Some of the programs he has activated in the community include the African-American Males Weekend at Camp Orkila and the “This is Why I Vote” Campaign. He also produces the much loved Bubblin Brown Sugar, a High School Dance Competition held at Garfield High School.


Nikki Etienne-Momma Nikki


Nikki is a Haitian-Queer artist who co-created with Nikkita Oliver and Dj Rise a monthly poetry slam & artist showcase, called “Ringside," which is centered around POC & QTPOC expressing themselves artistically in a safe space. She's also a vocalist & MC in her band, Holy Pistola, whose EP will be released at the end of the year and currently has two solo EPs out. Her latest album is dedicated to her father’s recent passing.Besides music and helping run a family business in the healthcare field, she is producing and directing a documentary about QTPOC Musicians in Seattle that will be premiering at the beginning of October at Gay City.


ChrisTiana ObeySumner


A social equity consultant, educator, and advocate. She joyfully approach change management and organizing by combining scholarship of historical social justice foundations; contemporary analysis of 21st century social consciousness; critical analysis and forecasting of social trends; and lived experience as an intersectional professional and academic. I believe our history will predict our future, and find it an invaluable tool to understand from where we've come, and where we are going. Through this theoretical framework, I seek to empower individuals and organizations through tactful narrative identity development, innovative equity evolution guidance, and transformative education and thought-leadership. 


Esther Lucero


Became the Chief Executive Officer of the Seattle Indian Health Board in November 2015, ushering in a new era for the organization following the retirement of its longtime CEO, Ralph Forquera. Ms. Lucero comes to the SIHB from the California Consortium for Urban Indian Health in San Francisco, where she was the Director of Programs and Strategic Development. Esther received her Master in Public Policy from Mills College in 2010. She brings to the SIHB her experience and training in public policy coupled with her robust experience in state and national level health policy work, including extensive knowledge of federally qualified health centers, and urban Indian health issues.(Navajo/Latina)


Reverend Bianca R. Davis-Lovelace


Is on a mission to fight on behalf of the marginalized, oppressed, and poor against systemic inequalities and injustices. Raised on the South Side of Chicago in a working class family, she learned to serve justice from her mother, a Chicago Police officer, and to love God from her father, a Baptist pastor. Reverend Bianca found her calling to activism in her twenties and grounded herself in that purpose by becoming a master of divinity.