1. We will respect the opinions of each member of the Coalition.

  2. We will not speak while other members are speaking. In addition, members wishing to speak should raise their hand and speak only when recognized by the chair.

  3. Every member must agree to respect and adhere to the Coalition's decisions.

  4. Only those designated by the full Coalition can speak for this organization.

  5. Members may sign up to participate on more than one subcommittee, but any one member can be the facilitator of only one subcommittee.

  6. All recommendations arising out of our subcommittees must be approved by the body as a whole before they can be implemented.

  7. The positions we take and the decisions we make shall be on the basis of majority vote. Of course, as often as possible, our goal will be to achieve consensus.

  8. Anyone who adheres to our principles of unity and has attended one complete meeting since the annual election meeting is eligible to vote on our agenda's action items. (The attendance requirement does not apply at the first meeting after the election of officers.)

  9. Failure to adhere to any of these principles can be grounds for the Coalition-as-a-whole to terminate a person's membership in the Seattle MLK Jr. Organizing Coalition.

All of our meetings shall be conducted through the use of Robert's Rules of Order, latest edition.